As COVID certainty continues to improve, we’re seeing it reflected in an extremely competitive real estate market. Whitespace CEO, Mike Smith, states plainly, “If owners and developers want to be relevant – and gain a competitive edge – then, they need to seriously consider updating their technology strategy fo new projects and existing assets.”


In this video, WhiteSpace Vice President, Matt Pemberton, goes through a few key elements you'll want to consider when developing you access control strategy.


Cyber Monday outperformed Black Friday last year, and online sales are set to reach new records again this year. Piece by piece, people are building their own smart—and personalized—ecosystem. Here's why that matters...


Access control is a term owners and developers know; however, as building technologies continue to emerge and become more sophisticated, so too does this expansive and important building component. 


If you’re in commercial real estate development, I’m sure you’ve heard of a Master System Integrator. But in today’s competitive markets, what you may be in need of a Master Systems "Innovator."


This new housing development dovetails with the I Promise School and Village driven by the LeBron James Family Foundation.


Here's how WhiteSpace uses creative solutions to make sense of the “unknown or forgotten area” of building development: low voltage technology design.


Mike Smith, WhiteSpace President and CEO, will be moderating a discussion on 5G Technology at the Broadband Communities 2020 Summit.

Water Street Tampa WhiteSpace.jpg

As the technology consultant for Water Street Tampa, WhiteSpace called on DCBolt to bring this "Virtual City" to life.


Having strong connectivity in your building leads to more satisfied residents — it’s a fact.