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WhiteSpace Building Technology

Building Technology

Whether implementing simple building technology solutions or developing a smart building technology master plan, WhiteSpace’s services can help you with your next project.

WhiteSpace works with innovative owners, developers, architects and construction teams in areas of a development project that are often forgotten and in many cases, where no one is really in charge – areas where rules are vague, budgets don't truly exist and strategy is unclear. This area is commonly known as white space.

Our Services

We are experts in building technology design, implementation and enhancement. From a small improvement project to a comprehensive master plan, our team delivers for the scope of your project and assures that your building systems are functional, integrated and dynamic.

Giving life to your master plan vision – public spaces, streets, sidewalks and multiple buildings – demands  experience and expertise.  WhiteSpace delivers a fully connected district ready for today and poised for tomorrow.  

In a world of choices, your new development project must respond to the demands of the consumer.  WhiteSpace will guide you through both essential and sophisticated building technologies to safeguard your asset for the long-term.

Darwin’s theory “survival of the fittest” applies here. Start with an evaluation of your existing
assets for marketability. And then, capture your competitive edge through technology upgrades with WhiteSpace as your guide.

Through meticulous and thorough technology assessment of infrastructure, building systems, unit and space functions, and current agreements, WhiteSpace will document, evaluate and recommend options to optimize operations, elevate the resident/tenant experience, and in many cases, provide cost-savings or revenue-producing opportunities.


As a partner, Whitespace integrates seamlessly with all required facets of our project and business operations, from senior executive leadership, to development and asset operations. In managing, first hand, the relationships with solutions providers, Whitespace represents our project and company interests as promised.

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