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But first, let's understand what a Smart City is. More to the point, let’s understand that there is no hard and fast definition of “smart city.”  It’s a moving target. But, we know this:


A smart city is a connected city. Today and tomorrow.


Simply stated: By embedding a durable and future proof technology infrastructure across, and within, the district’s vertical markets – multifamily, office, hospitality, public realm, and even building management – you can be as smart as you want to be.


A smart city is only as powerful as its connectivity, and…

... WhiteSpace connects the spaces between.

As your technology master plan advisor,
WhiteSpace makes your vision actual by: 


  • Coordinating master planning strategies 

  • Leveraging best-in-class thinking 

  • Developing public and private partnerships 

  • Designing a connected technology infrastructure 

  • Managing infrastructure construction 

  • Producing and executing technology RFI/RFP 

  • Overseeing  all telecom strategies, including voice/data/video 

  • Establishing DAS and small cell strategy 

  • Vetting and recommending building systems 

  • Integrating emerging technologies

Master Planning Technology Initiatives:

Ultimately, a connected city will provide a frictionless, secure and data-rich environment that can generate revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency and, ultimately,  steer business decisions now and in the future. 


Are you thinking about:

Kiosks &

Digital Signage

Smart Light Poles

Marketing Center

Submetering Standardizations

Data Sharing & Governance

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Charging Stations

Small Cell & DAS


Smart Parking

Communication Corridor

Connected Street Management

District App

Smart Concierge &

Building Operations

Pervasive WiFi

Smart Waste


Video Analytics

Sensor Technology

We're passionate about master planning.

We are proud to be the technology master plan consultant on the following megadevelopments:

Novus Innovation Corridor


Arizona State University is turning 355 acres of campus-adjacent land into a progressive, urban, mixed-use district where residents can live, work and play. As master plan consultant, WhiteSpace will identify revenue-generating technology, implement a communication corridor, and more.


Learn more about Novus Innovation Corridor

Water Street Tampa


The future of Tampa, Florida is being built on the waterfront right now. With a commitment to sustainability and wellness, this future-proof district will include up to 9 million square feet of new commercial, residential, educational, entertainment, cultural and retail space.

Learn more about Water Street Tampa

Let's talk about repositioning your large-scale development for long-term growth.

WhiteSpace is always here to handle your master planning needs. No vision is too big! If you’re in need of technology master planning services for your next project, get in touch with us and let our expertise set your development up for the future.


Smart Cities PDF

6 Winning Strategies for Building a Connected City Primed for the Future

Smart City infographic from WhiteSpace Master Planning

Find out what you don't know you don't know about technology and your CRE project.

connecting the spaces between...

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