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But first, let's understand what a Smart City is. More to the point, let’s understand that there is no hard and fast definition of “smart city.”  It’s a moving target. But, we know this:


A smart city is a connected city. Today and tomorrow.


Simply stated: By embedding a durable and future proof technology infrastructure across, and within, the district’s vertical markets – multifamily, office, hospitality, public realm, and even building management – you can be as smart as you want to be.


A smart city is only as powerful as its connectivity, and…

... WhiteSpace connects the spaces between.

As your technology master plan advisor,
WhiteSpace makes your vision actual by: 


  • Coordinating master planning strategies 

  • Leveraging best-in-class thinking 

  • Developing public and private partnerships 

  • Designing a connected technology infrastructure 

  • Managing infrastructure construction 

  • Producing and executing technology RFI/RFP 

  • Overseeing  all telecom strategies, including voice/data/video 

  • Establishing DAS and small cell strategy 

  • Vetting and recommending building systems 

  • Integrating emerging technologies

Master Planning Technology Initiatives:

Ultimately, a connected city will provide a frictionless, secure and data-rich environment that can generate revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency and, ultimately,  steer business decisions now and in the future. 


Are you thinking about:

Kiosks &

Digital Signage

Smart Light Poles

Marketing Center

Submetering Standardizations

Data Sharing & Governance

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Charging Stations

Small Cell & DAS


Smart Parking

Communication Corridor

Connected Street Management

District App

Smart Concierge &

Building Operations

Pervasive WiFi

Smart Waste


Video Analytics

Sensor Technology


Smart Cities PDF

6 Winning Strategies for Building a Connected City Primed for the Future

Let's talk about repositioning your large-scale development for long-term growth.

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Water Street Tampa
Smart City infographic from WhiteSpace Master Planning

connecting the spaces between...

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