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Consultation Services

Connecting the space between Vision and Outcome

Because our team of consultants are experts in building technology, we confidently guide owners and developers through the “whitespace” of technology design, low voltage infrastructure, construction administration and commissioning to secure a cost-effective and energy-efficient building project. Whether you need building technology for commercial real estate projects, multifamily residences, mixed-use developments or any other project, our services can make sure your building is poised to make its mark on today’s competitive market.


As your owner’s rep and technology advisors, we are part of your team.  Your vision for residents, management teams, and building performance is our goal.

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Support Your Vision

Ensure building infrastructure supports all systems and your vision

  • Cellular Technologies (DAS)

  • Voice/Data/Video Integration

  • Security/CCTV

  • Access Control Systems

  • Parking Controls

  • Fire/Life/Safety/ERRCS/First Net

  • Lighting Controls

  • HVAC


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Design Your System

Produce, review and collaborate on low voltage design

  • Technology Site Survey

  • RFI Submittal and Review

  • Specification Writing

  • Construction Administration


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white space_development-08.png

Deliver on Promise

Make enhanced resident experience a reality

  • Carrier Strategy and Revenue Share

  • Voice/Data/video upgrades

  • Technology Access Fees

  • Marketing and Contract Services Consulting

  • Rooftop Management (Antennas)

  • Digital Signage and Portals

Enable Operations

Take the worry out of building operations and energy management

  • BMS Integration

  • Smart Metering

  • Solar Energy Integration

  • Smart Grid Integration

  • Re-commissioning of Existing Properties



WhiteSpace navigates budgets, design, schedules and teams to deliver operational and cost-efficient buildings.

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