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Important to the wellness of your portfolio, and each specific property, evaluating the health of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction systems is high on the list. However, an increasingly important, and often overlooked, area lies in what and how technology is handled within the asset.


Through meticulous and thorough technology assessment of infrastructure, building systems, unit and space functions, and current agreements, WhiteSpace will document, evaluate and recommend options to optimize operations, elevate the resident/tenant experience, and in many cases, provide cost-savings or revenue-producing opportunities.


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Building Technology Assessment Areas of Focus:

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Building Information

Prior to the assessment, the WhiteSpace team will talk with the owner to understand the building/property, its uses and areas of concern.

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WhiteSpace will review and analyze the network provisions to clearly grasp monthly costs and will then recommend options for savings.

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Leasing & Management Technology

WhiteSpace will review and document the technology that allows your staff to run the building, such as Wi-Fi, network provider, and leasing technology. We will make suggestions for streamlining and optimizing internal processes based on operational needs.

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Automated Building Controls

Is the building equipped with a Building Management System (BMS)? Is your staff using it to analyze and inform cost-saving decisions? While we are not HVAC techs, WhiteSpace will assess the system’s functionality and provide insight.

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Drawings & Renderings

If available, review of drawings or renderings of the building/property before the site visit will help speed up the assessment process.

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Infrastructure & Pathways

How is technology distributed throughout the building/property? What are the pathways? Is there capacity for new technology? These are just a few items that WhiteSpace will consider while onsite.

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Amenity & Public Space Technology

Amenity spaces set your property apart from the competition. What do you offer your residents and tenants? Are there opportunities to upgrade or enhance their experience? These are some of the questions that WhiteSpace will answer.

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Voice, Data, Video

WhiteSpace will conduct an extensive review of the voice/data/video infrastructure. With this understanding, we can recommend upgrades and future-proof solutions and assist in creating a business model that may help fund or provide revenue opportunities.

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From lights and thermostats, to security and entertainment, device-driven technology has become a trend. Is your building ready? Can it support the consumers’ growing demands? WhiteSpace will review and document the capabilities of future technology within each apartment.

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Building Systems

There are many systems that provide a safe and secure environment for your residents/ tenants – CCTV, Access Control/Visitor Entry, Fire/Life/Safety, Emergency Phones, Garage/ Parking. WhiteSpace will conduct a thorough inventory and evaluation of these systems

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