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Increasing resident satisfaction with connected apartments

Having strong connectivity in your building leads to more satisfied residents — it’s a fact that many developers and property management companies have realized in recent years.


When Borror — one such company in the Columbus, Ohio area — approached WhiteSpace about improving connectivity at two of their properties, we saw an opportunity to do something innovative. Rather than just following the lead of other developers in Columbus, we drew on our experiences from across the company to recommend a carrier-grade network that was 5G-ready. To accomplish that, we enlisted the help of American Tower.


As a result, Borror is now able to deliver fast, secure wi-fi to their residents at lower rates than local providers and without any of the hassle of setup. They’ve also been able to utilize connected devices, such as keyless locks and smart thermostats, and with a 5G-ready network, they’re in a position to accommodate emerging technologies.


For more on the benefits that Borror’s partnership with WhiteSpace has produced, read this article from Connected Real Estate Magazine.

Whether you need building technology for commercial real estate projects, multifamily residences, mixed-use developments or any other project, our services can make sure your building is poised to make its mark on today’s competitive market.

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