WhiteSpace Building Technology

About Us

Our Values

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honest, ethical, humble, passionate

We strive to be of strong character in all ways, as individuals and as a business. We must be honest, ethical, humble and passionate – the essence of what is right and true.

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service-oriented, collaborative, open-minded, adaptable

We pursue genuine relationships personally and professionally. Our commitment to a service-oriented, collaborative and open-minded approach is the basis for all our connections.

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clients, team, profession

We seek responsiveness – ensuring adaptability, timely communication and pursuit of expertise – in all team and client endeavors.

What makes us different


Who We Are

Our name “WhiteSpace” represents the often-forgotten area of a development project where strategy and authority are undefined. With WhiteSpace as your partner, you can check the low voltage design box—and everything it encompasses. 


What We Do

WhiteSpace coordinates all technology components so that your building is operationally competent, cost-effective, energy efficient and....poised for the future.


Why WhiteSpace

Our personalized approach ensures that your building vision becomes reality. Whitespace services include assistance in building technology and low voltage design, digital master planning, construction administration, and commissioning. You can count on our hands-on team to be a part our yours!

Now that you know what we do,

it's time to meet the problem solvers.

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Our Mission

As a single-source advisor, WhiteSpace works with innovative owners, developers and architects to think differently about building technology. We provide technology solutions that lead to cost-effective and operationally efficient results. With a foundation firmly rooted in strong character and stronger relationships, our products are our service and expertise.