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Budget Season Is Upon Us

Increase Your Bottom Line with Building Technology

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."

  1. Do your buildings offer amenities to attract long-term residents and tenants?

  2. Are your assets equipped for a work-from-home culture?

  3. Are you addressing basic technology as defined today (and tomorrow) – such as fast, ubiquitous internet and device enabled units/offices?

  4. Do your residents and tenants feel safe and digitally secure?

  5. Are your management teams seamlessly controlling buildings?

  6. Are you capturing available revenue opportunities?

Want to Increase NOI?

Invest in the resident experience.

Improve resident experience  Make buildings more marketable  Create less vacancies

If you're a property manager you're probably thinking:

Where do we start?

The WhiteSpace Building Technology Survey.

Who is this Survey designed for? 

  • Building owners and portfolio managers responsible for the health and performance of their property

What will the Evaluation provide? 

  • Our team of building technology experts will evaluate and recommend options to optimize operations, elevate the resident/tenant experience, and in many cases, provide cost-savings or revenue-producing opportunities

  • Serving as your Owner's Rep – we don't sell products or represent any interest but yours – our team will provide comprehensive building technology recommendations specific to your portfolio's unique use case

  • The Survey and Evaluation includes but is not limited to the following: supply chain issues, managed WiFi, connectivity, access control, CCTV, amenity areas, self-guided tours, and smart apartments.

See below for an illustrative and redacted Evaluation Report (PDF) of select pages from a typical report.


The future of your portfolio relies on the technology choices your team makes today.


Let's work together to ensure the long-term health of your portfolio.

Building Technology Survey

Getting Started:
  1. To begin the process, please complete and submit the inquiry form below

  2. A WhiteSpace Team Member will reach out to schedule your initial consultation

  3. Following the consultation, WhiteSpace will send you a link to our online survey

  4. Your team will complete and submit the comprehensive online survey

Evaluation Process:
  1. Once WhiteSpace receives submission, the evaluation process begins

  2. WhiteSpace delivers comprehensive Evaluation & Recommendation Report (PDF) within 21 days

  3. WhiteSpace schedules follow-up call to discuss findings and recommendations



Special NMHC Pricing: $999*

*Limit of 5 properties at this price

Building Technology Survey Inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry. Our team will be in touch shortly.

Our partners trust us with their technology needs

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