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Meet-Me Rooms & Communication Corridor:
The Head, The Heart & The Body


While the term smart district may have different nuanced definitions based upon the context of a given conversation, all definitions will undoubtedly agree that a smart district is a physically built environment that utilizes innovative technology infrastructure.

Seems simple enough in theory; however, building commercial real estate (static) in such a way to adapt and deploy innovative technologies (dynamic) for the future seems oxymoronic. How is it possible to build something today that takes into consideration the yet-to-be-developed technologies of the future?

(Don't worry, there's a solution. And thank goodness, because our clients love solutions.)

A smart district includes innumerable technology assets and infrastructure – digital kiosks and signage, smart parking, security infrastructure, smart waste, WiFi – but for districts that can control the underground pathways (or work closely with those that do), the pièce de résistance is a Communication Corridor and the Meet-Me Rooms.

  • Communication Corridor (shown above) is a multi-conduit fiber duct bank that provides dedicated pathways for owners, carriers and network providers.  This infrastructure is installed at the beginning of the project and sized to accommodate current and future needs.  The corridor connects between buildings, smart infrastructure components and the Meet-Me-Rooms to create the backbone of the smart district.

  • Meet-Me Rooms (shown above) are hubs for service providers to install equipment and make fiber connections. Accommodating these services in a centralized manner speeds deployment of technology and reduces capital costs for future technology upgrades.

Think of it like this: the Communication Corridor is like your body's nervous system (focused on communicating information through pathways) and the Meet-Me Rooms are a brain-heart combo (providing content for the information).

So how do you build today to accommodate the needs of tomorrow? Start with the head and the heart, and connect them to everything that matters. 

WhiteSpace is always here to handle your building technology needs. No vision is too big! If you’re in need of technology services for your next CRE project, get in touch with us and let our expertise set your development up for the future. Contact our team to start the conversation. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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